#MySarwaStory | Talking Financial Fitness with Sarwa

When it comes to financial literacy, it’s no secret that I’m a fan.

Growing up with self-made parents who migrated to the Middle East for economic opportunities, I learned first hand how important financial security is in order to build a life (not just a lifestyle). Financial management enabled me to choose to work independently and still plays an important role in my solopreneur journey, where it’s crucial to quickly learn what works financially, and what doesn't.

Very excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Sarwa - one of the freshest fintech firms in the Middle East - as a Special Correspondent. Together, we're going to bring you real money smarts from REAL PEOPLE through a special content series entitled #MySarwaStory.

To kick it off, your girl is talking money mindset and lessons learned: straight up, unfiltered, no-BS. Check out #MySarwaStory here and stay tuned as we reveal the personal financial journeys of community icons, trailblazers and gamechangers in our midst. I cannot wait to share who we have coming up in the series!