The Truth About Self-Confidence


Last week, I was featured in The Tao of Self Confidence podcast which showcases the self-confidence journeys of diverse purpose-driven Asian women from around the world. Sheena Yap Chan launched this show (which is well on its way to 700 episodes!) in order to highlight multidimensional women of Asian descent, a perspective that’s often missing from the mainstream narrative.

It was a treat speaking with her and reminiscing about my experiences cultivating self confidence (a lifelong process!) Check out the FULL EPISODE here.

We discussed my key pivots when it comes to self-confidence (yep, there’s more than one), the biggest lesson I learned in my self-confidence journey, and so much more! In case you’d like to skip straight to some of the main takeaways, let the timestamp below be your guide!

2:14 || My fundamental principle in both work and life

3:00 || My journey with confidence

3:45 || Why confidence does not equal conviction and why you need both in order to make a deeper impact

4:30 || How pursuing your “core gift” can inspire self-confidence and a sense of identity

7:00 || My two big inflection points when it came to self confidence

8:00 || The challenges I faced in my career segue from a corporate silo to a portfolio career

8:30 || The one thing I found especially frustrating during my career transition

9:30 || The big A-HA moment that permanently altered my approach to self-confidence

11:10 || My biggest regret/lesson learned from my career transition journey (this will save you months if not years of wallowing!)

Thank you for featuring me on the podcast Sheena. Tune-in folks and tell me what you think!

Change what you put into life, if you want to change what you’re getting out of it.
— Natasha D'Souza, The Tao of Self Confidence podcast