Culture Quake - A Series Exploring The Future of Company Culture


A series exploring the future of culture at work.

Drawing from last month’s reportage for Observe magazine, “Culture Quake” is a longform series laying bare the core tectonic shifts impacting company culture.

If you're a founder/CEO, HR leader, culture champion or just plain care about working at a company that "gets" culture right, this mini-series is for you.

Scientists begin with hypotheses. Journalists however, start with questions. Lots of them. Here are some of the big Qs I'm looking to answer:

  1. What does “culture” mean in an age when businesses and society are acutely aware about the importance of diversity and inclusion?

  2. Is culture materially relevant to the (fiscal) success of an enterprise and if so, why?

  3. Can a “happy” culture also be a “high-performing” culture at the same time? (can the two ever co-exist? The case of Uber leaves me doubtful.)

  4. What will corporate culture look like in the next decade as some of the world's most influential companies welcome their youngest leadership yet?

  5. What might culture look like if companies grew steadily AND profitably, versus the hyper-growth-at-all-costs model fueled by Silcon Valley venture capitalists?

All this and more. Stay tuned!